Start Ups

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“Philanthropy is tougher than business.”   -  Warren Buffett

Many people are seeking to develop a more structured and strategic approach to their giving. They are no longer content to passively respond to requests for donations; they want to develop a more proactive approach to their giving that makes philanthropic investments in society. In many cases, however, they “don’t yet know what they don’t know”. As Warren Buffett and many others have learned, achieving success in philanthropy is a lot more difficult than it seems and requires specialized knowledge, skills and expertise.

BOREALIS Advisors will tailor the assistance provided to individuals and families at the beginning of their philanthropic journey so it is grounded in their personal values, beliefs and goals. Working in collaboration with their investment, legal and financial advisors, BOREALIS Advisors can undertake a variety of tasks including the:
  • preparation of an environmental scan that identifies current and emerging societal issues
  • compilation of research on philanthropic trends and best practices
  • articulation of a values based statement of philanthropic mission, focus and goals
  • selection of the most appropriate philanthropic vehicle and timeframe
  • development of a strategic framework for grant making
  • preparation of criteria for grant making
  • performance of due diligence in the identification of potential grant recipients
  • identification of opportunities for collaboration with other donors
  • assessment of options for mission-based or impact investing