Grant Making

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“To give away money is an easy matter and in any man’s power.
But to decide to whom to give it and how much and when, and for what
purpose and how, is neither in every man’s power nor an easy matter”
- Aristotle

The provision of grants to other charitable organizations is the core activity for most private and public foundations. In addition to assisting new foundations develop an effective grant making program, BOREALIS Advisors can help established and mature foundations improve the impact of their grant making activities.

Patrick Johnston, Principal of BOREALIS Advisors, is the author of Good Grantmaking: A Guide for Canadian Foundations published by Philanthropic Foundations Canada in 2012.

Using the Guide as a starting point, BOREALIS Advisors can assist grant making foundations to:
  • benchmark their grant making practices against those of other Canadian foundations
  • identify changes that would align grant making practices with similar foundations
  • assess the impact and outcome of past grant making to shape future priorities
  • clarify grant making style, philosophy and theory of change
  • appraise and revise the statement of philanthropic mission, focus and goals
  • develop a strategic grant making framework
  • examine grant making structures and processes
  • identify opportunities for collaboration with other donors